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Complete autonomy

Our platform is developed with the aim of providing complete autonomy and facilitating the financial management of lump-sum taxpayers, with the assurance that all legal regulations are complied with. Along with the web application, users receive a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities tailored to the specific needs of lump-sum taxpayers, enabling them to efficiently manage their business processes.

All in one solution

Through the web application, lump-sum taxpayers can independently issue invoices, pro forma invoices, advance invoices, pay tax obligations by simply scanning QR codes, keep records of the lump-sum limit, and have access to the KPO book at any time.

The range of services provided by covers all the needs of lump-sum taxpayers, whether they are just registering, have employees, or need to calculate lease payments, report eco-taxes, freeze their entrepreneurial agency, or validate health insurance cards, etc.

Key advantages

One of the key advantages of the web application is its compliance with all relevant legal provisions and regulations related to lump-sum taxation. Users can be confident that they will meet all legal obligations and have all the necessary information and forms in one place. is here to assist lump-sum taxpayers in fulfilling their obligations at a high level and avoiding potential tax penalties due to missed deadlines. With our platform, clients will not be able to forget important dates and obligations.

Regular notifications

Our application provides regular notifications to keep lump-sum taxpayers up to date with all deadlines and remind them of important obligations. In addition, monthly newsletters and informative articles on our blog provide additional information and tips to ensure awareness of all obligations and what is expected of them.

Our mission is to provide you with all the necessary details, instructions, and notifications in one place. In addition to being able to contact us at any time, you can find significant information on our blog that will help you efficiently manage your business obligations. We offer useful advice, guidelines, and the latest news from the tax environment.

Free accounting consultations

What sets apart is the free accounting consultation that comes with the application.

Behind is a team of experts who provide daily support to users through chat functionality, email, and phone, answering questions, providing tax advice, and assisting with administrative uncertainties.

Paušal Blog

Introducing our “Pausal Insights” blog – your go-to resource for all things administrative and tax-related, catering to both entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. Dive into a wealth of knowledge with our collection of free articles, meticulously crafted to unravel the complexities of administrative and tax matters.

Whether you’re a business owner navigating through regulations or a freelancer seeking clarity on tax intricacies, our blog is here to empower you. Stay informed, stay compliant, and embark on your journey backed by expert insights.

Application specification

We present you with a brief overview of the specifications of the web application and the functionalities you receive with it.

  • Easily create invoices in domestic and foreign currencies.
  • Review all your invoices, whether paid or unpaid, in one place.
  • Effortlessly manage invoices – save, modify, cancel, copy, print, delete, and send them via email directly from the application.
  • Attach attachments to your invoices and easily send them directly from the application.
  • Keep all clients in one place – a database of domestic and international clients.
  • Effortlessly import data of domestic clients directly from the Serbian Business Registers Agency (APR).
  • Easily create proforma invoices in domestic and foreign currencies.
  • View all proforma invoices in one place – invoiced and uninvoiced.
  • Create invoices directly from proforma invoices with a single click, saving time and effort.
  • Save, modify, cancel, copy, print, delete, and send proforma invoices via email to clients directly from the application.
  • Easily create advance invoices in domestic and foreign currencies.
  • Have an overview of all advance invoices in one place, facilitating the tracking of financial transactions.
  • Link advance invoices directly to the final invoice with a single click, simplifying the invoicing process.
  • Save, modify, cancel, copy, print, delete, and send advance invoices via email to clients directly from our application, maintaining complete control over business documents.
  • Easily connect your account with your e-invoice account and efficiently manage e-invoices.
  • Without leaving the platform, you can directly send invoices and advance invoices via the Centralized E-Invoice System (SEF) through our application.
  • Simple control and monitoring of the turnover limit for VAT registration.
  • Control and monitoring of the turnover limit for exiting the lump-sum taxation system.
  • Track the amount invoiced and collected, maintaining control over payments.
  • Add tax resolutions to ensure proper tax record-keeping and compliance with legal obligations.
  • You will receive generated payment orders with QR codes.
  • Ability to automatically generate the income book (KPO).
  • Save, send, and print the KPO book directly from the application.
  • Ability to generate documents on memorandum paper.
  • Save, modify, copy, print, delete, and send memoranda directly to clients via email.
  • Predefined examples of documents necessary for business, such as service offers, official travel decisions, foreign exchange redemption requests, delay statements.
  • Practical ability to customize memorandum documents according to specific requirements.
  • Entering company data used for generating accurate documents.
  • Reliable storage of documentation and the ability to request interpretation of additional documents.
  • Option to send a business card via email for quick and convenient exchange of contact information.
  • Adding a company logo for personalization of generated documents and brand promotion.
  • Option to add payment instructions for incoming foreign payments per currency.
  • Automatic sending of payment instructions when sending an invoice with a specific currency, facilitating the payment process for foreign clients.
  • Ability to activate email notifications to keep users informed of important obligations and information in a timely manner.
  • Notifications covering changes in relevant laws, tax payment obligations, information about new application functionalities, and alerts about reaching limits to keep you up to date.
  • Ability to independently complete the self-employment test.
  • No requirement for knowledge of tax law and terminology.
  • Receipt of a final report through a PDF report and a statement of self-employment.
  • Arguments in case of assessed self-employment.
  • Guidelines for adjusting business operations in case of non-self-employment relationships.
  • Daily availability of support from the digital accounting team directly accessible from the application.
  • Option to contact support via email and phone to obtain answers to questions and solutions to issues.
  • Free service for downloading tax resolutions/certificates from the eTaxes portal and generating them in the application.
  • Free service for creating tax and contribution payment orders or other obligations.
  • Free assistance in completing documentation for bank purposes regarding foreign inflow allocation (LORO transfer).
  • Eco-tax submission service.
  • Analysis of the status from the tax administration service.
  • Income reporting service for freelancers.

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