Independence Test is a web application that allows for independent and secure assessment of compliance with the legal obligation of the Independence Test, which applies to all entrepreneurs and legal entities collaborating with them.

Complete analysis

This application complements the set of services provided by, enabling entrepreneurs to have a complete analysis of their status and relationship with clients. Launched in November 2022, this application is a crucial step towards comprehensive and holistic management of entrepreneurs’ businesses. uses simple terminology to provide expert analysis of the entrepreneur’s status in relation to clients.


This analysis allows for the assessment of the specificities of the business relationship, identifies key elements of the entrepreneur’s independence and the legal entities that engage them, thereby reducing the possibility of unforeseen situations during tax audits.

If the final report you receive by using the application assesses independence, you will receive clear and strong arguments that you can use during a tax audit.

On the other hand, if the final report assesses the existence of dependence in the relationship, you will receive guidance on the aspects of your business on which you need to work in order to avoid unwanted tax penalties.

Reduce the risk of paying tax penalties

Using allows entrepreneurs and the legal entities that engage them to gain confidence in their operations, reduce the risk of paying tax penalties, and avoid uncertainties regarding their status.

With the combination of and, entrepreneurs have everything they need to successfully manage their business, comply with legal provisions and regulations, and reduce risks and uncertainties related to their status.

Interested in Independence Test?

Explore our digital product portfolio represents a set of services that enable independent operation for lump-sum taxed entrepreneurs through a web application.

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