Employer of Record

Our comprehensive solution ensures seamless onboarding and payroll management, freeing you from the complexities of local regulations and taxes. Whether you need short-term project support or long-term workforce expansion, our flexible arrangements accommodate your specific requirements.

Workforce leasing

Our comprehensive suite of services goes beyond just providing support to freelancers and companies. We take care of all the intricacies involved in the employment relationship. This includes preparing essential documents such as employment contracts, contract annexes, and handling termination agreements, bonus decisions, and earnings suspensions, among others.

Moreover, we meticulously keep records of employee absences, ensuring compliance with labor regulations and seamless management of your workforce. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your employment affairs are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on your core business and optimize productivity.

Exercise all rights

Employees exercise all rights from employment – sick leave, maternity, annual leave, health insurance for the employee and their family members, pension insurance, creditworthiness, employment certificates (for kindergarten, visa, etc.).

Employees will receive a dedicated person in charge of communication and support to employees (regarding the interpretation of payment slips, assistance in filling out documents for the bank, personal income tax, etc.).

Private health insurance

In addition to compulsory (state) health insurance, employees are also provided with private health insurance.

If you or employees want, private health insurance can also be provided to family members of employees. If the employer does not want to reimburse this cost, it is deducted from the employee’s salary, and the cost is more favorable than for the employee to conclude a policy with the insurance company by themselves.


An employee can work full time or part time. Full time employment implies 40 hours of work per week. Overtime is limited to 8 hours per week and 4 hours per day and paid at 126% of regular salary. An employee can be hired for a definite period of time, or indefinitely. The same employee can be hired up to 2 years for a definite period of time with one employer.

An employee can have a probation period that can’t last more than 6 months, during which either party could end the relationship with five days’ notice.


Maternity leave is refunded in full after 30 days, so you would be obliged to pay the employee’s salary only for the first 30 days.

Sick leave is reimbursed in the amount of 65% of earnings after 30 days of sick leave. If you want your employee to receive the full amount of salary during the period of sick leave, you would be obliged to reimburse 35% of his salary during that period.

All other paid absences of employees in full amount are borne by the employer.

Employees have a right to a minimum of 20 days of paid vacation each year.

Public Holidays – There are 12 public holidays.

Termination process

Employers must provide an explanation in writing and at least 8 days’ notice if the termination is based on the employee’s performance. The explanation must include the reason for dismissal, evidence, and an opportunity for the employee to respond and adjust his performance.

Failure to follow the procedure could result in a court invalidating the dismissal.

Notice Period – The employer must give at least 8 days of notice. An employee terminating the employment must give 15 days.

In the event of layoffs, a notice period of 30 days is required.

Severance Pay – In the case of layoffs, a severance payment of at least 1/3 of regular salary for each year worked is required.

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