Business Support

If you’re a company looking to focus on your core operations while having regular reports and administrative tasks taken care of, Clever Group is the right choice. We are here to help you focus on operational efficiency. Each of our clients is assigned a financial administrative operator (agent) who will provide all the necessary information.

Online Payments

With the help of e-banking, we will handle your funds with care, whether it’s managing foreign currency inflows, salary payments, or any other
transactions. Just give us your confirmation, and our agent will ensure smooth payment processing.

With our support, you can conduct financial transactions even when you’re not at e-banking or a computer since we handle the payments on your behalf. Just inform us, and the money will be transferred to the designated recipient.

You no longer need to worry about time or location – we’re here to make your transactions simple and reliable.

Administration of public institution portals (Efakture, Eporezi, Eportal)

Your only responsibility is to grant us access to all state portals that you are obligated to use. Our responsibility is to monitor these portals daily, ensuring you receive timely notifications from government institutions. We will approve the invoices you receive, verify interest rates, and fulfill all your needs through these portals.

Expense reporting

Our company provides services for creating financial reports tailored to your needs and requirements. The reports can be generated on a monthly or
quarterly basis, giving you complete control and predictability over your financial resources.

We understand that every company has specific needs and preferences when it comes to presenting financial data. That’s why we provide you with the ability to define the layout and visibility of the data on your reports. This way, you can customize the reports according to your preferences and have complete control over how financial information is displayed.

Working with Xero accounting software

From the very beginning, our company has focused on collaboration with international businesses, which has allowed us to gain extensive experience in using the most commonly used foreign accounting software, such as Xero.

That’s why we have expanded our offering to provide you with this service
as well. Our team will take care of administrative tasks and data entry in the Xero program, enabling you to enhance reporting and consolidate your books.

Organization and Office Management

When you want to set up your office or conduct research on benefits (e.g., private health insurance) you want to provide to your employees, we are here to simplify these processes. Our agents will conduct research for you and present options that best suit your preferences.

This saves you time while we take care of finding optimal solutions that will allow you to create a comfortable working environment for you and your employees.

Want us to handle business support for you?

Other services we offer


Clever Group provides accounting services to clients registered in Serbia. Our services have been specifically tailored to the IT industry for years.

Employer of Record

Before embarking on the employment activity in Serbia, it is important that you are familiar with the regulations governing the employment of the workforce.

HR Services

Care of human resources and careful management of the workforce are key factors for the successful operation of any company.