HR Services

Care of human resources and careful management of the workforce are key factors for the successful operation of any company. Because of this, extraordinary dedication is necessary to ensure that all documentation is accurate and regularly updated in line with changes in the field.

Complete documentation

If you leave this care to us, you will be sure that all procedures have been followed and that your employees have all the necessary documentation with a guarantee of benefits. We will take over all communication and necessary documentation related to your employees – employment contract, annexes, sick leave, preparation of documents for business trips, etc.

Optimal benefits

We will devote ourselves to researching the most optimal benefits that the market offers for your employees, including private health insurance, private pension insurance and much more. Our goal is to find the best conditions that will provide the greatest benefit to your employees.


In addition to providing administrative security, our mission is to transform your working community into a highly integrated team. We will be happy to organize unforgettable teambuilding activities for you. Through these events, your employees will build strong bonds, improve mutual understanding and improve team spirit.

Want us to be your HR service?

Other services we offer


Clever Group provides accounting services to clients registered in Serbia. Our services have been specifically tailored to the IT industry for years.

Business Support

If you’re looking to focus on your core operations while having regular reports and administrative tasks taken care of, we are the right choice.

Employer of Record

Before embarking on the employment activity, it is important that you’re familiar with the regulations governing the employment of the workforce.